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Using the selection pane in Excel

Using the selection pane in Excel

The selection panel in Microsoft Excel 2007 can be used to hide or show the pictures or change the order of the images. The selection panel that enables these tasks quickly in one place. Read on to find out how you can use the selection panel in Microsoft Excel .

start Microsoft Excel 2007 and open an existing file that contains multiple images you'd like to see the selection panel.

Click to select any of your images so you can access the Format ribbon. You can tell an image is selected, it will be white, surrounded by the size and handles the "Format" tab at the top of the Excel screen .

Select the "Format" to display the Format tab of tape. The film shows all the options you can use to format images .

Excel Choose the "Selection Panel" on the button "Order" of the tape format. The Selection and Visibility "panel appears on the right side of the Excel screen. This panel displays a list of all the images that appear on the Excel spreadsheet .

Click the button with a picture of the eye to the right of the picture names to hide any of the images . Clicking the button again to show the eyes make the image visible .

Select the "Show All" button at the bottom of the Selection and Visibility "panel to show all images the book. Choose the "Hide All" to hide the images of .

Select the name of an image and use the up and down arrow buttons at the bottom of the selection panel to change the order of images in worksheet.
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