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Improving the performance of your computer networks

Improving the performance of your computer networks

With computers it is very important to get the best performance out of your network and improve it wherever possible. When your network is working at its very best, it will be happier and a lot easier to manage. You will then have the benefit of better control of your computer.

Here are five great examples of ways to improve the performance of your computer networks:

Wireless Channel - It is important to check your wireless channel especially if you have left it and it is still set at the manufacturers settings. It also runs the risk of interfering with other wireless channels in your local area and to sum it up you want the best quality possible.

Memory - Increasing the memory on your computer is highly recommended and in today's market comes at a very low cost. It will then dramatically increase your RAM (random access memory). Using certain software can alert you to the other servers that are running low on RAM. You can also check your performance via the task manager in your computer settings.

Audit - It is a great idea to regularly carry out audits to check that all your computer networks are running smoothly and to the best of their ability. You can also find out all about which networks shouldn't be on your computer and this is a superb way of ironing out any problems.

Documentation - Many computer users don't realise the importance of keeping a record of the documentation relating to their computer. For an absolute minimum you should include a list of equipment, support contacts with numbers, a LAN diagram and WAN diagram. Plus it should all be kept up to date. It is also recommended that you have a second copy just in case something goes wrong with its original location.

DNS - If you own your own DNS (domain name system) make sure it is up to date and running as smooth as possible. One of the biggest pitfalls in the world of information technology is when your DNS fails so make sure it doesn't happen to you!

The above is a great starter to show you how much more you can actually achieve out of your network performance if you put the effort it. Many fail to do so and will resort to either upgrading their computer or buying external equipment. My argument is why waste the money when you really don't need to.

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